Pocket Points pays to not use phone – Business Insider


While in class, everyone was looking at their phones, texting, and doing whatever, with "no one paying attention to the teachers" as Gardner recalls.

The more they talked about it, the more annoyed they were. If technology could cause that kind a phone addiction, then it could also solve it, too, they thought.

So they built an app called Pocket Points that rewards students for not using their phones while in class.

Using "geo-fencing," (a GPS "fence" around the campus), the app can sense when a student is on campus and automatically lock the phone down. Students earn points while they are on campus with the app on/phone locked. When the student leaves campus, the phone unlocks and texting and Snapchatting can commence.

Points can then be cashed in for rewards at local businesses, like pizza, food, coffee, yogurt.