When Schools Overlook Introverts: Why Quiet Time is Important for the Learning Process – The Atlantic


"It seems that such efforts have, for the most part, struggled to effect much change in the educational world. The way in which certain instructional trends—education buzzwords like “collaborative learning” and “project-based learning” and “flipped classrooms”—are applied often neglect the needs of introverts. In fact, these trends could mean that classroom environments that embrace extroverted behavior—through dynamic and social learning activities—are being promoted now more than ever. These can be appealing qualities in the classroom, of course, but overemphasizing them can undermine the learning of students who are inward-thinking and easily drained by constant interactions with others."

Coverage Error in Internet Surveys | Pew Research Center


"…and surveys that include only those who use the internet (and are willing to take surveys online) run the risk of producing biased results. How large is that risk?"

The many ways to measure economic inequality | Pew Research Center


"Wealth inequality tends to be much higher than either income or consumption inequality, but it also tends to not vary as much over time. New York University economist Edward Wolff, for instance, has used data from the Survey of Consumer Finances and similar prior surveys to track household net worth over time."

The art and science of the scatterplot | Pew Research Center


"One important point to understand is that the scatterplot shows correlation, not causality, said Pew Research Center’s art director, Diana Yoo. … While sometimes people see a causal relationship, the chart only shows an association…"

Netflix’s Paid Parental Leave Policy Reflects a Sad Reality Facing Working Families | Economic Policy Institut e


"Taking time off to properly care for a new baby or to assist an ailing parent shouldn’t mean risking financial jeopardy and it shouldn’t be a luxury afforded only to high-earning workers. We need legislation that will provide workers across the wage distribution—not just those at the top—with paid family leave so that working people like the employees of Netflix’s DVD division don’t have to choose between taking care of their families and paying the bills."