Over half of psychology studies fail reproducibility test : Nature News & Comment


‘Nosek believes that other scientific fields are likely to have much in common with psychology. One analysis found that only 6 of 53 high-profile papers in cancer biology could be reproduced2 and a related reproducibility project in cancer biology is currently under way. The incentives to find results worthy of high-profile publications are very strong in all fields, and can spur people to lose objectivity. “If this occurs on a broad scale, then the published literature may be more beautiful than reality," says Nosek.’

A community for those who like to be alone | TED Blog


“I think the more access introverts have to different ideas and shared connections about our personalities, the more comfortable we will be in our own skin,” she said. “I love the idea of someone connecting with my story and maybe feeling a little more normal knowing that we have shared experiences.”

NSA collecting phone records of millions of Verizon customers daily | US news | The Guardian

No matter where you sit on this… Given that this is descriptive data about a call, are they just looking for patterns or are they building a profile pattern? There’s not enough computing power to parse actual conversations in bulk.