Keynesian Community College | Confessions of a Community College Dean

"When tuition was a relatively small piece of the budget, it worked well as a sort of Keynesian stabilizer. It went up when enrollment did, mostly covering the marginal cost of the next students, but we had operating funding to cover the base when enrollment dropped. Over the years, though, tuition has become the majority of the budget. When that happens, we’re basing permanent commitments — like tenure — on fluctuating revenues. That’s not sustainable. Colleges sometimes compensate by moving more of the faculty to contingent status, but that just offloads the unsustainability from the institution to individual people. And over time, it can have negative effects on quality, thereby defeating the purpose."

Dante’s Nine Circles of Hell, Reimagined for Linguistic Transgressions – McSweeney’s Internet Tendency

The 8th circle!

"The souls in this circle often toured the other circles, mocking the poor souls who suffered there for their poor command of the English language. Little did they know that one of the worst circles was reserved for them and their grating tendency to overcorrect English usage at every opportunity. *

The New York Public Library Announces the Top 10 Checked-Out Books of All Time | Open Culture

Public libraries are unsung heroes of their communities. Many a busy working adult can take their importance for granted. But parents of young children know—the library is a quiet haven, place of wonder and discovery, and free resource for all sorts of educational experiences. Given the importance of libraries in kids’ lives, it’s no wonder that six of the top ten most-checked-out books—according to the New York Public Library—are children’s books.

The NYPL calculated the most checked out books in its history in honor of its 125th anniversary. Given that it houses the second largest collection in the U.S., after the Library of Congress, and serves millions in the most linguistically diverse city in the country, its circulation numbers give us a reasonable sampling of near-universal tastes.

Election 2020 Polling Field Guide – Pew Research Center Methods | Pew Research Center

While survey research in the United States is a year-round undertaking, the public’s focus on polling is never more intense than during the run-up to a presidential election. This essay is our attempt as survey methodologists and social science researchers to assess the state of the craft in 2019.

38 Major Pop Songs Played with the Exact Same Four Chords: Watch a Captivating Medley Performed by the Axis of Awesome | Open Culture

The 4 chords are I, IV, V, and vi. Wiki says ( they are played in a I-V-vi-IV order (

Watch A-ha’s “Take On Me” Video Newly Remastered in 4K …. and Learn About the Band’s Struggle to Make the Classic Song | Open Culture

Though the ‘80s didn’t invent music videos, they did become an essential form of cultural currency, as high profile directors, big budgets, and a channel that played them non-stop pushed them into our collective consciousness. But it’s only recently that those original videos–most shot on film, not video by the way–have been getting the remaster treatment that Hollywood blockbusters and art house classics receive. Last month, we saw the film grain and romantic lighting in Wham’s “Last Christmas” video remastered in 4K. And now another inescapably ‘80s earworm gets the treatment: “Take on Me” by Norway’s finest, A-ha.